Black Swan Ballet is like life and breaking through.

Life, Action, Movement

When I was young I was never too sure about the whole gravity thing, and my imagination got me into a lot of trouble. But there was this one moment when time stopped, and everything made sense. Then I landed and reality settled in. But, I always knew in another life I could always fly. That is why in this life I learned to dance; each movement was as if I was flying. I am in this place where I never have been before where gravity can’t touch me. I don’t just dance; I perform from deep inside myself, movements of feeling, and life.

So I learned to dance with my feet on the ground. And my eyes open which means I can appreciate this world a little more. This adventure requires faith; it requires humility and always love, we have to dance each day as it could be our last. every moment represents life, who we are and where we are going. If I am timid or scared I stand in one position with very little movement. If I adventurous I take leaps and large movements to take me across stage.

The final performance has arrived, pointe shoes, tutus and tights. Opening night all our lives we perform and practice for this outcome. However life has a different program they say the second before you die your life flashes before your eyes. I hope so much that is true. That you get a photo album of every moment that you were here and that you were loved, that you existed. You must need that second to prepare. So that one second between life and death is all we get to say goodbye.

It is easy to lose perspective because there is just one thought that runs over and over this is the rest of your life. Twelve month races to the finish line, our best friends are now our enemies. We dance because life is our beat our rhythm. Life forces us to dig deeper, to discover parts of ourselves that we didn’t know existed. Or allows us to change our style or rhythm our dance. We dance the moment our feet hit the floor add rhythm. Our life changes with an injury, accident or illness, just as if we were to change our stance of the dance.

Life has an expectation of many things, how well we do perform, how many friends we have, or how much money we make. Life is like dance, you begin and as you progress through your movement a dance progresses. Each step carrying farther than you were before you began. We have expectations and when those expectations are not met we feel disappointed. We can have a perfect performance, our expectations are then set higher and we fight to strive. Another photo in our lives, memory has just developed a snapshot  a pause in our lives we hold on to as a success. So we perform our life with the steps we choose to dance.